Zendaya and Becky G wrapped up Day 1 with amazing concert at Festival (PHOTOS AND VIDEOS)


Zendaya and Becky G wrapped up Day 1 with amazing concert at Festival (PHOTOS AND VIDEOS)

Zendaya interpreta "Only When Your Close" en el Teatro Lila Cockrell de San Antonio.

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Zendaya and Becky G wrapped up Day 1 of Festival People en Español with the Chicas Poderosas concert, which took place on Saturday at the Lila Cockrell Theater in San Antonio.

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Following a brief presentation by our sponsors, People en Español's bublisher Monique Manso and our editor Armando Correa got up on stage to start the event.

Dj Awsumo got the party started with an electrifying mix that got everybody on their feet to welcome California native Becky G, who drove the fans crazy with her beats and killer dance moves. 

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Becky G junto a su cuerpo de bailarines sobre el escenario del Lila Cockrell.

Parents had just as much fun as their children while enjoying the amazing choreography and lighting of the show 

After performing songs such as "Can't Get Enough" came "Becky from The Block", a rap version of the smash hit by Jennifer López.

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Becky G y sus bailarinas nos mostraron que llevan la sangre en las venas.

The singer chose her newest single "Shower" to close the show with adoring fans singing and dancing along. 

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Then, it was Zendaya's turn who got the crowd excited with "Putcha Body Down" and "Only When You're Close".

To make sure everybody was dancing the singer set a rule that nobody could sit down, everybody should be up and dancing.

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Zendaya had everyone on their feet at The Lila Cockrell Theatre, in San Antonio.

She showed her impressive moves onstage with  "Something to Dance For", and set a more intimate feeling with "Bottle You Up", "Smile" and a version of  "All of Me" by John Legend, which she sang along with the audience. 

To celebrate her 18th birthday Zendaya has joined forces with Convoy of Hope and their program Feed One, which raises money to feed children in three schools in Tanzania, Haiti and the Philippines.   

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Zendaya along with Becky G got the childen and the parents to compete in a fun Dance-Off showcasing the moves that were demonstrated at the beginning of the show. 

After declaring the children as winners of the Dance-Off, she performed what seemed to be the last song but then surprised her fans with the very catchy "Replay".

Shortly after, Becky G came onstage with Zendaya's father who surprised her with a cake and wished her a happy birthday by singing with the audience.

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Zendaya's father expressed how proud he is of his daughter and encouraged parents, especially fathers to "man up and be there for their kids". 


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