You can now apply for a job through Snapchat

You can now apply for a job through Snapchat

Foto: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Snapchat isn’t just for fun filters anymore, you can now make your next career move on it.

Retail company Everlane is using Snapchat to hire employees.

Everlane is asking applicants to make a 60-90 second story on their account explaining why they would be a good fit for the role. Once the story is posted, the applicant has to tweet the company with their personal Snapcode, and save the story to then email it in the case it reaches it’s 24-hour expiration date.

This online retailer isn’t only using the popular application for positions but also, customer service. Everlane answers questions in Snaps sent to by them by customers.

“8 of out 10 people working at our Shoe Park were hired from a Snapchat story we made,” stated Everlane on Lever.

May the Snapchat odds be ever in your favor.

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