Univision CEO denies having apologized to Trump or political pressure from Mexican government


Univision CEO denies having apologized to Trump or political pressure from Mexican government

Randy Falco.

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Univision Communications CEO Randy Falco, sent a message to his employees this afternoon to clarify some details about his decision to cancel the Miss USA broadcast and cut business relations with the Trump Organization.

In the message, Falco denies having been motivated by political pressures from the Mexican government, as Donald Trump claimed last week and said that Univision never apologized to Trump, as he has also repeatedly stated.

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"There has been a lot of press recently around the decision related to Donald Trump and I want to address it with you so you understand the position taken. I made the decision to end business relationships with the Trump Organization simply because it was the right thing to do. No one approached me, asked me or pressured me to take this action. There have been a number of ridiculous assertions bordering on the bizarre, made from different people, that the Mexican government put pressure on us, that we were under political pressure to hurt a Republican candidate’s chances to the nomination, or that we were trying to assist other political candidates. None of this is remotely true. I can also assure you that we never apologized because we have nothing to apologize for.", Falco said in the memo.

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Univision's CEO also reiterated the company's values and asked that his employees be mindful of them as they make statements about Trump or the controversy.

"I know a lot of us were angered and hurt by the comments made by Mr. Trump, but I want to ask you to be confident in our decision and dignified going forward. As offended as we were, we should not use, on any platform or communication, the same incendiary language we are standing against. The response of our community has been inspiring and I’m grateful for how the diverse Hispanic community is uniting to stand up for what is right. We should continue to foster this unity by promoting positive dialogue through the hashtag #todosmexicanos.", he concluded.

Falco's words are a direct response to Trump's allegations via social media about Univision's motivations to distance itself from him after his inflammatory comments about Hispanic and Mexican immigrants during a speech announcing his candidacy for president.

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Since last week, Trump has said repeatedly on social media that Univision issued an apology.

Trump also alleged that Univision was pressured by the Mexican government to cut ties with him and that this prompted the cancellation of the broadcast.

Earlier today, NBC also announced they will be breaking its business relationship with Trump and will not broadcast the Miss USA or Miss Universe pageants.

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