Underwear shopping just got more interesting


Underwear shopping just got more interesting

Foto: Courtesy of the brand

Move over athleisure, a new hybrid is in town and it’s called leisureé. An innovative brand named Lively has just launched and it’s combining three women essentials: lingerie, leisure, and activewear.

The fashion-forward collection launched with 12 key styles including t-shirt bras, no-show bikinis, and go-to bralettes. The options come in a range of colors and fabrics including lace.

The pieces are at affordable pricing with bras retailing for $35 for one, $55 for two, and $75 for three, while bottoms run $10 for one pair or $25 for three.

“Lively is a brand that women can live in 14 hours a day while achieving their personal style and ultimate comfort,” said LIVELY Founder and CEO, Michelle Cordeiro Grant.

This is a perfect release for the woman who loves to wear her comfy sports bra even when she isn’t working out, for the woman who thinks lingerie is too much but wants to look sexy underneath her clothes and for the woman who forgot her swimsuit and doesn't mind diving in her underwear. 

To learn more about Lively visit wearlively.com

Courtesy of the brand

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