Pokemon Go: The funniest posts about the new craze

Pokemon Go: The funniest posts about the new craze

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Gotta catch 'em all! 

Pokémon fans around the world have gone crazy with the release of Pokémon Go, a new reality game. The soaring popularity of this app has led to hilarious social media posts and we've rounded up some of the best that perfectly depict the craze. 

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Drake knows the deal.

Kidnapping of adults just became of high concern.

How to kidnap a 28 year old in 2016. Follow: @futbol451

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Parents are not too happy about this.

Not happy at all...

While some are disappointed...

Hey mom and dad, at least the app promotes a healthy lifestyle.

I've walked 14 km this weekend 😱 #pokemongo

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Gym memberships are about to drop in large numbers.

I can finally be a proud owner of a Fitbit. 

When Pokémons are the only friends you need.

It can get serious, real quick.

#myterrory #pokemon #pokemongo #pokemon_go_fans_

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When you reconsider a career in Pokémon training.

This is everyone's employer today! We have #PokemonGo tops

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Valid excuse.

Pokemon go xD #anime #manga #otaku #pokemongo #pokemon #videogames #snorlax #pikachu

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Boundaries don't exist in a world fill of Pokémons.

So this is life now. 29 years old.....sigh. #gottacatchemall #pokemongo

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Need more friends?

Always ready.

Haha so true 😂😂

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Needed a change in scenery anyways.

Anything to be the very best.

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