A new study shows that cyberstalking your ex is bad for you

A new study shows that cyberstalking your ex is bad for you

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Let’s be real. Does cyberstalking an ex ever make us feel better? Does seeing what they’re up to, smiling with people that aren’t you, actually having a good time despite the fact that you’re no longer together, ever help mend our broken hearts? No. 

But even though we already knew that many of us still silently scroll through endless Instagram posts and Facebook statuses. We do this because we’re cool, right? Seeing them all day doesn’t faze us at all. We can totally keep up with their Snapchat stories without feeling a pang of jealousy every time Becky With The Good Hair pops up. Right?


A new study from Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking proves that keeping up with Mr. Wrong is legitimately bad for our mental health. Not just like “oh it’s fine I’ll take a few Tequila shots with my girls this weekend” bad, but actually harmful to our overall mental health and well being. Hey, it’s backed by science. 

Researchers asked over 400 people about their self-esteem and attachment issues, and then asked them how frequently they looked at their exes’ Facebook profiles. The result? Checking up on a past lover can “ increase feelings of distress about the breakup and may also increase feelings of sexual desire for the ex.”

Psychologist Tara Marshall, the author of the study, explained, “The more you can minimize exposure the more space you have to move on.” Preach. Even though the curiosity of their whereabouts may drive us crazy, clicking the “unfollow” button will ultimately help us heal faster and move on. 

Our new breakup philosophy? Cutting ties online will help us become healthier offline.

So repeat that 10 times slowly, take a deep breath, and hit the "unfriend” button. And hey, if you still need those Tequila shots we understand, but ultimately you need to do what’s best for you and in this case removing the temptation to check-in is the best way to ensure that you can get closure and move on faster.

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