The most impactful line from President Obama's speech

The most impactful line from President Obama's speech

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The President of the United States took the stage last night to support Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention. As Barack Obama walked out, the audience chanted “Yes We Can,” his campaign slogan from 2008.

In his impassioned speech, POTUS commended Clinton’s “unbelievable work ethic,” and brought the delegates to their feet while applauding after he said, “there has never been a man or a woman -- not me, not Bill, nobody -- more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America”

But this wasn’t the line that left the biggest impact, it was when Obama brought up Donald Trump and the crowed booed. “Don’t boo—vote!” he said to the crowd.

In an instant, thousands of people were quoting the line on their social media accounts, including several celebrities. It left such an impression that the search interest in “voter registration” spiked +190%.

This classic line from the President goes back to his 2008 campaign but social media wasn’t as influential then as it is now. With just one line, Obama was able to do what campaigns and influencers have been trying to do for years: get people to want to vote.

"Don't Boo, Vote!" At this time we need to use our voices because Donald has a chance and that is fucking terrifying. I have been very conflicted this election, I originally supported Bernie Sanders but after Hillary secured the nomination I was confused on what to do. A third party may seem like a better option but I am unsure if they can win, and being unsure is too dangerous now for me due to a pressing issues that's been on my mind. One of the reasons why I have decided to back Hillary Clinton is that as an LGBT activist I know she will keep our right to marry who we want. Donald Trump has said multiple times his support for traditional marriage, and his willingness to try to overturn the Supreme Court decision. His VP Mike Pence has said that a "societal collapse" would be brought about by gay couples. I desperately do not want this duo in office. This is just one reason #Imwithher #strongertogether

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