Levi's created the first pair of recycled cotton jean

Levi's created the first pair of recycled cotton jean

Foto: Michael Gottschalk/Photothek via Getty Images

Textile technology startup Evrnu and Levi Strauss & Co. have announced their collaboration for the world’s first jean made from regenerated post-consumer cotton waste.

The two companies created a prototype pair of Levi’s 511 jean with a mix of virgin cotton and yarn made from approximately five discarded cotton T-shirts. This innovation uses 98% less water than virgin cotton products, reported Fast Company.

The global jeanswear company hopes to extend the life of cotton and reduce textile waste since in the U.S. alone, 13.1 million tons of textile waste is created and 11 million tons of it ends up in landfills.

“LS&Co. was the perfect first partner for us to demonstrate our technology and capability as they are an iconic American company with a product that's recognized around the world,” said Evrnu CEO Stacy Flynn.

Levi’s is the first apparel company to partner with Evrnu to construct their innovative technology into a garment.

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