Juan Gabriel's Top 10 YouTube Videos

Juan Gabriel's Top 10 YouTube Videos

Foto: Daniel Knighton/WireImage

Juan Gabriel captured audiences around the world with moving pop ballads that made him an icon of Latin American music.

The Mexican singer-songwriter passed away suddenly on Sunday, just two days after performing a sold-out show at the Forum in Los Angeles.

His music and legacy, however, will live on, thanks in part to the popular videos that accompanied some of his greatest hits. Unlike other artists, Gabriel’s most-watched videos on YouTube are live performances, with the number one surpassing 90 million views.

In memory of his chart-topping career that spanned more than four decades, here are Juan Gabriel's most-viewed music videos on YouTube:

10. Abrázame Muy Fuerte (En Vivo Desde Bellas Artes, México/ 2013) (27,229,217+ views)

9. Porque Me Haces Llorar (27,304,255+ views)

8. Yo Te Recuerdo ft. Marc Anthony (28,618,986+ views)

7. Siempre En Mi Mente ft. Espinoza Paz (35,884,816+ views)

6. Amor Eterno (42,172,800+ views)

5. La Frontera ft. Julión Álvarez, J Balvin (42,857,851+ views)

4. Ya No Vivo Por Vivir ft. Natalia Lafourcade (60,629,492+ views)

3. Querida ft. Juanes (62,701,364+ views)

2. Hasta Que Te Conocí (69,562,846+ views)

1. Así Fue (100,038,250+ views)

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