Here’s the rundown on the Kat Von D & Jeffree Star beef

Here’s the rundown on the Kat Von D & Jeffree Star beef

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You know the story. Girl meets boy. They become best friends. They both launch mega-successful makeup brands and eventually one of them flips out on the other. They don’t live happily ever after. 

Basically that’s what happened between makeup mega-stars Kat Von D and Jeffree Star. After a decade-long friendship, the two have called it quits via social media, and things have gotten catty. Here’s what you need to know:

In 2006, a beautiful friendship blossoms.

In 2008, Sephora approaches Von D about creating a makeup line.

In 2014, Star launches his. 

Now this is where it gets mucky. According to Von D, graphic designer B.J. Betts never got paid for the work he did for Star, despite following up with the makeup guru consistently about his compensation.

On July 16, 2016, Von D finds out that B.J. never got compensated and confronts Star via text. 

This is where the controversy begins.

On July 19, the following happens:

Von D posts a picture of Star to her instagram with a long caption where she states that she no longer wants to be associated to him in any way.

After years of making excuses for, and rationalizing Jeffree's inappropriate behavior (including, promoting drug use, racism, and bullying) I can no longer hold my tongue after recent events. I know that over the years, many of you were introduced to Jeffree through me, and regardless if you chose to continue to follow him or not, I just would like to disassociate myself from him and his brand from this point on. I plan on posting a video explanation as to why I felt compelled to make such a statement. But for the time being, I simply want to apologize to anybody and everybody who has ever had to deal with any of his negativity. And yes, with a heavy heart, I will be pulling the shade "Jeffree" from my collection. Sending extra love to everyone out there. ❤️

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Star responds with a series of tweets.

Von D posts a 14-minute video where she explains her side of the story.

Star tweets in response and says that there are two sides to every story and that the truth will soon come out. 

He later tweets that there is no bad blood between him and B.J. and that everyone got paid.

Von D fires back with the following tweet.

The sun sets. The drama goes to sleep, but only to wake up with more fire. On July 20, the following happens:

B.J. tweets, “The matter between myself and Jeffree Star has been amicably resolved and I will have no further comments on the matter.”

Star retweets him.

Von D doesn’t back down and tweets to B.J. 

And then, Star fires back with his 30-minute long video. "She shouldn't have spoken up for someone who never asked for it."

As of now, it seems like things have settle down, but with the amount of shade being thrown we probably haven’t heard the last from these two.

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