Floating seahorse homes are now on the market

Floating seahorse homes are now on the market

Foto: The Heart of Europe

“Ariel, listen to me. The human world, it's a mess. Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there.”

The developers at Kleindienst Group in Dubai took a hint from The Little Mermaid and have begun developing what is possibly the coolest real estate ever. They have created floating 3-story villas with underwater rooms so that you can finally play out your dreams of living under the sea.

The project called “The Floating Seahorse,” is named after the Persian Gulf’s endangered species. That shore is a great name, don’t you think? But it’s not just the title that’s great, the developers are working towards a wonderful cause as well.

In order to ensure that the livable fish-tanks have the best marine views possible, they are making a protected 2 million sq ft. coral reef so that the seahorses can breed and live. How turtle-y cool is that? 

For $2.7 million dollars one of these floating homes can be yours. I don’t quite sea that happening for me in a near future, but if your wallet is deep enough and you’re eager to fish for compliments and keep up with current affairs the old school way, then this is for you.

Perhaps the seaweed is always greener on the other side, but the mermaid in me would love to dive in. Check it out below!

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