Marco Antonio Regil, 5 Steps To Reach Our Goals


Marco Antonio Regil, 5 Steps To Reach Our Goals

Marco Antonio Regil.

Foto: Darren Abate/Invision for People Espanol/AP Images

MundoFox host Marco Antonio Regil graced the Festival People en Español 2013 "Renuévate" (Renew Yourself) stage to talk about a five-step method for reaching goals.

According to Regil, the first step to achievement is recognizing successes from the past. “Everytime you set up a goal and don’t reach it, a little voice inside your head tells you ‘Why bother again, you didn’t make it last time’,” said Regil. “If your goal was to lose 20 pounds and you only lost ten, there is success there.”

The second step is to be in tune with your heart. “Whatever you want to do, you have to want it from your heart, not because others tell you to do it. I want to lose 20 pounds because I love myself and I deserve to be healthier.”

We also have to learn how to control the little voice in our minds. “This is the third step. Our mind is always going to guide us towards the easy way out, but we can train our mind and put it at our service.”

The fourth step is to set up a plan with measurable results. “It's the difference between having a dream and goal,” said the TV presenter. “It's not the same to say I want to lose weight than saying I want to lose 20 pounds in six months.”

The last thing to do in order to reach our goals is “come up with rules," or a game plan by which we pave the way ahead.

Before leaving the stage, Regil reminded the audience his new competition show 100 latinos dijeron (100 Latinos Said, a Family Feud style show) debuts September 9 on MundoFox.

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