Fans are not happy with Kylie Jenner's lip glosses

Fans are not happy with Kylie Jenner's lip glosses

Foto: Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for A-OK Collective, LLC.

Kylie Cosmetics has reached its first business road bump.

Kylie Jenner recently released a set of lip glosses for her cosmetics line and the products are now under fire by fans. According to fans who bought the product, the applicator brush was frayed and unusable the moment they were taken out.

Among the displeased customers included makeup professional Jeffree Star, who shared a photo of the purchased lip gloss. Star was not afraid to complain about the wand and quality control.

Fans tweeted back to the start their disappointments along with images of the defected products.

Kylie has updated fans that anyone who ordered on the first launch date will be receiving new brushes and glosses.


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