Emma Roberts and Dave Franco show us their daring side

Emma Roberts and Dave Franco show us their daring side

Who didn’t love a good game of “truth or dare” in their teen years? Now imagine the possibilities if we were to remove the truth component of the game and add a good dose of new age in the form of social media. That’s the premise behind Nerve, the new film starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco.

This teen thriller out today will have you thinking about your life on social media. 

At the center of the story is Vee Delmonico, played by Emma Roberts, a high school senior who gets introduced by friends to the gaming app, "Nerve," where players accept dares from watchers in exchange for cash. Her first dare is to kiss a complete stranger, Ian, played by Dave Franco. The two go on to complete more dares as a pair and let’s just say (so there are no spoilers) that things get increasingly more complicated for the daredevils.  

The directors of the film, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, are the same ones behind the highly successful 2010 documentary, Catfish. You know, the one that got you to reconsider all of your social media connections. With this new film, they are showing us, yet again, the ugly side of the Internet and social media.     

“It shows kind of all sides of how kind of dark the Internet can be and it shows how people perceive so differently and how people interact with it,” actress Emma Roberts tells us.   

We couldn’t help to wonder if the actors were more like watchers or players in real life. Judging by Dave’s willingness to take on our dare, we have to conclude he’s definitely a player. 

What about you? Are you a watcher or player? Don’t miss the film in theaters today.

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