In defense of <i>THAT</i> Amy Schumer comment

In defense of THAT Amy Schumer comment

It was bloody brilliant.

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Taboos surrounding women aren’t a new thing. Whether it be body hair, going bra-free, or God forbid something as natural as having a period, our patriarchal society sometimes looses it’s cool over the acknowledgement of these completely normal things. Last night wasn’t an exception. 

Award shows are great including this year's Emmy’s We saw television’s most talented people take away awards (any other The People v. O.J. Simpson fans?), but for some reason the event isn’t what’s making the headlines today, but rather tampons are instead.

“Who are you wearing?” is a tedious question that gets asked on the red carpet over and over again, especially for women. Sure, who doesn’t love a wonderful dress? But it’s tiring, and debatably sexist, when men get asked about their careers and topics that surround it but women mostly get asked about things in regards to their appearance. Frankly it’s gotten to the point where it’s just boring. So who better to spice it up? Amy Schumer, of course.

While being interviewed by Giuliana Rancic, Schumer was of course asked who she was wearing. Her response? “A Vivienne Westwood dress, Tom Ford shoes, and an OB tampon.” That's when people lost their minds.

While most of the response was positive, there were people like—ahem—Rancic who was overwhelmed. How dare a woman publicly talk about her menstrual cycle?! The miraculous thing that makes it possible for them to have children! Seriously though, you’d think the general public never received sex-ed in middle school by the shock this comment provoked. Guess what people? Women get periods, and it’s ok to talk about it.

Was the answer unexpected? Sure! But that doesn’t make it scandalous. A woman’s body is not a taboo, and we shouldn’t be treating it like it is. What we do and say in regards to our female body shouldn’t be making headlines for being a shock. We get periods. We have body hair. We have breasts. We have sex. Guys, this is all normal and it’s more than ok.

We shouldn’t feel ashamed about it or the need to hide it. If we want to talk about it we should be able to, so thank you Amy Schumer for making this a talking topic, and hopefully through conversation we can normalize this ridiculous taboo.

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