#ChicaBoss: Sofia Carson brings girl power to a fairy tale classic

#ChicaBoss: Sofia Carson brings girl power to a fairy tale classic

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Move over Prince Charming, Cinderella has other dreams to chase. 

In the new girl power installment of A Cinderella Story, Latina actress Sofia Carson plays Tessa, a modern-day Cinderella who realizes she has what it takes to make her dreams a reality. Unlike most fairy tale movies, A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits proves that love isn’t the only happily ever after. Carson gives People en Español a sneek peek of the movie and shares why it's so different from the rest. Check out the interview below. 

People en Español: Tell us a little about your character in this version of the story of Cinderella.

Sofia Carson: My character's name is Tessa, and Tessa—like the classic Cinderella—suffers a lot in her life. She lives with her stepmother and stepsisters, but Tessa has dreams she wants to chase. She wants to be a singer and dancer. In our contemporary version of Cinderella, her happy ending was never about falling in love with a prince, but it was to follow her dreams. And Tessa follows her dreams and makes her happily ever after a reality. It is more of a girl power story.

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PESP: Amazing, so [the idea is] to empower girls to not only see the side of fashion and love? 

SC: Exactly. Follow your dreams.

PESP: But the film also has a love interest, correct?

SC: Of course. In the process she falls in love, but the important part was for her to follow her dreams. That’s the moral of the story.

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PESP: Did you watch the previous films [Cinderella Story] growing up? Did these films influence your interpretation?

SC: Absolutely. As you already know, this is the fourth film in the series of A Cinderella Story. First it was Hilary Duff, then Selena Gomez and afterward Lucy Hale. Growing up, I always loved those movies and it was kind of an obsession, so in this role I definitely used the past films for reference. We also wanted this film, and Michelle, the director, wanted the message of girl power to be stronger compared to the others.

PESP: Do you relate to your character? 

SC: Yes. Tessa is a music lover and loves to dance and sing, and I do too so we have that in common. Music is one of my greatest loves so, in that sense, I identify a lot with her; and I was also a dancer at the age of 3. 

PESP: And I imagine also in chasing your dreams and wanting to be somebody?

SC: Exactly. She follows her dreams, and I feel very fortunate to have followed my dreams too. 

PESP: Of the previous [films], which was your favorite? 

SC: That's hard to choose! Each is so special. Off the top of my head: the original, for being the classic. The one with Hilary Duff. But I love all three. 

PESP: Tell me a little about the wardrobe [in the film].

SC: Well, I love fashion and I loved being Tessa. You'll see that in the film. I’m basically two different people because to be able to audition [in the film] for the musical "Cinderella Live," I have to be undercover to not be recognized by my stepmother. I have two totally different looks in the film. One who is Tessa, who is a little more tomboy; she's a mechanic so she’s always in blue jeans and a jacket with her hair up. And Bella's character is more of a fashionista, a little more pop star with high boots, with a little more brightness and color and a leather jacket. 

PESP: Are the two characters in the film reflective of your style?

SC: I think so. Tessa is a little more tomboy, which is my style. I love combat boots so it’s very meBut at the same time, I like the shoes that Bella wears. She puts on heels and high boots that fascinate me.

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PESP: And in this film, do they have the typical scene of the glass shoe falling off?

SC: Yes, it happens. The story begins when I audition for the musical and lose my shoe — which are sneakers— and the “Prince” finds my shoe and has to find his Cinderella. And that's when [his] search starts. 

PESP: And what was the most difficult [thing about] being two completely different characters?

SC: I don’t know! I loved the process of the film and everything that [went into] being Tessa and Bella, and creating those dances. So I don’t know. Maybe changing roles quickly between the two characters, but I enjoyed it so much! But of course, switching between two very different characters several times a day, with wig and makeup around five times a day [was difficult]. 

PESP: What did you enjoy most in the film? 

SC: The truth is that it was all a dream. Telling the story of Tessa, working with Michelle Johnson. I think my favorite moments of the film were the musical moments, especially the songs. There's a song that is like Tessa’s theme song and the song is called “Why Don’t I.” It's a very inspirational song about a girl who is afraid to follow her dreams but finds the strength to chase them. It's a really beautiful and moving song. And Tessa sings that song several times during the film, and every time she sings it, it’s a very special moment. The film actually ends with that song.

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Be sure to catch Sofia in A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits available now on DVD and on Freeform this November.

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