#ChicaBoss: Going Natural with YouTube’s SunKissAlba

#ChicaBoss: Going Natural with YouTube’s SunKissAlba

Foto: SunKissAlba

What started as a hobby became a career for Alba Ramos, creator of the YouTube channel SunKissAlba. With over half a million subscribers, Ramos isn’t testing out just any product but bringing a natural approach, literally. The Dominican-American vlogger is all about embracing natural beauty while using non-toxic and organic products. Chica chatted with Alba about becoming a YouTube sensation, the insecurities of natural hair, and her must-have products.

Flying Start

“I didn’t know what it would become. It was for fun. Along the way as I got into it, I shared my hair journey based on my experience with heat damage and that’s when I saw an audience start to develop because people were relating to that. There were so many people that we’re going through the same thing at the same time.” 

Keeping It Real

“There are tons of brands that are now supporting curls because there is a movement. A few years ago it wasn’t as big as it is now so I think it’s smart in a business sense for the brands to take advantage of that and start pushing out these products because there’s a market there. Prior to that, they were keeping up with the standard of ‘Let’s straighten everybody’s hair. Let’s promote relaxers!’”

The Natural Way

“That’s what I’m all about— promoting natural beauty through just having non-toxic ingredients and the most natural possible.”

Loving Your Hair

“I can say that I’ve always loved my curls but being Latina and being Dominican, it’s not necessarily that I was taught to not love my curls, I was taught that it’s not enough. There was certain times that my family found it really important to straighten my hair for special events or that it wasn’t appropriate for certain places or to to look the part. That’s the part that makes us feel like we’re not enough with the way we are. I didn’t really make that connection till later when I started to actually feel proud of it.”

Breaking The Walls

“It’s that same kind of feeling in the drugstore aisle, segregation from beauty and ethnic beauty. It’s more of the impact that they give us as women going into that aisle and seeing that the products are describing our hair types as separate from the standard beauty and feeling like we may not be enough to be a part of that label “Beauty.” I think it’s such an important topic that should be out there.”

Top 5 Must-Haves

1. Eucalyptus Wipes 

2. Honest Spray Deodorant

3. Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Style Milk

4. Shea Moisture Bronzer Duo

5. RMS "Un" Cover-Up

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