Adriano Espaillat Poised to Make History in U.S. Congress

Adriano Espaillat Poised to Make History in U.S. Congress

It’s been nearly two months since the Democratic National Convention took place and New York Senator Adriano Espaillat took the stage in Philadelphia to show his support for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton—and take a stand against Donald Trump.

The next item on his fall to-do list: be elected to the U.S. Congress, where he would become the nation’s first Dominican-American to serve there. 

“I will become the first Dominican-American to ever serve in the U.S. Congress,” said Espaillat. “Perhaps even just as important, I will be the first member of Congress who was once undocumented as an immigrant. You take that Donald Trump!”

As Espaillat continues to campaign towards the general election for the seat representing the 13th Congressional District in New York, Chica sat down with the politician to talk about his journey, the biggest issue facing young Latinas and how it felt to address a national convention.

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