9 Valentine's Day gifts that always work

9 Valentine's Day gifts that always work

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If you really enjoy Valentine's Day and want to surprise your sweetheart, here are some ideas for affordable, fun and cute gifts that you can buy or even make. These are somewhat traditional, but with a twist. 

1. Flowers 

Some people like flowers, and roses are the most popular on V-Day, but this year instead of buying them you could test your skills in the kitchen by making some out of strawberries.

2. Sweets, especially chocolate.

According to University of Maryland Medical Center, chocolate and ice cream contain an aminoacid that calms you down and reduces anger (this explains EVERYTHING!). Chocolate also contains seratonin, which is also known as the hormone of happiness. So how about this for a fun idea? Four words: sexy chocolate treasure hunt. Place notes and chocolates that lead your significant other to his/her final treasure: YOU. Pro tip: Remember to put numbers on the clues and make sure your love doesn't find all of them, otherwise you may be finding sticky reminders of your romantic date well into the Spring.

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3. Love notes

Even if you're not very romantic, and most of your communication with your better half consists of a combination between text messages and emoji, sometimes it's nice to write something to let him or her know your feelings. No, it doesn't have to be a long letter, sometimes short and sweet gets the job done. So, get creative. Here are some ideas to get you started.

4. Make a fun video

Record yourself singing and dancing in your room or if you're really not shy, go for it in the middle of the street. Have fun with your performance and let them know how much they mean to you. And for those of us who maybe a little self conscious, forget the camera is there and be yourself. I promise you they are going to love it!.

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5. A love check

Write a love check and be specific on what it can be cashed for. Write how many kisses, cuddles or other things you'll give happily. Oh, and no expiration date. 

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6. A special getaway

Trips don't have to be expensive. You can pack a small bag and take a road trip or buy two train tickets and just go for an adventure. It doesn't need to be far for it to be fun. Yes, plane tickets are cool too, but if your budget is low, even a bus ride can be a good option to enjoy some time with your love without having to worry about falling asleep at the wheel. For me travelling is an awesome way to learn about someone, even if you have been together for a long time. 

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7. Be the chef

Cook them their favorite meal on Valentines Day. It doesn't necessarily have to be dinner, why not a lovely brunch or breakfast in bed. If you are intimidated or have a hard time in the kitchen, here are some easy recipes for a romantic time. With this gift, even if the meal doesn't turn out perfect, surely you'll score some points for trying. 

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8. A nice massage

You can get some candles, oil, calm music and you're set. Of course, you don't need all those things, but they are a nice way to create a relaxing mood. The most important thing about this gift is treating your partner with kindness and love. Ease into the masssage slowly and don't rush it. Pay attention and let your sweetie enjoy it fully.

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9. Your undivided attention

I know this one may be the hardest, but make it a point to enjoy a nice date without any electronic devices to distract you. No phones, TV or social media for a little while. Try to be present and embrace the moment with the one you love.

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Do you have any great gift ideas? Let me know about them.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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