The 7 stages after a millennial breakup

The 7 stages after a millennial breakup

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are making headlines after The Sun published pictures of Swift kissing actor Tom Hiddleston, just two weeks after her breakup with Harris.

The ex-couple have taken new steps into making this split official with removal of Instagram pictures and unfriending one another on social media. Accordingly, we are going to share the 7 stages after a breakup inspired by Talvin. 

1. Letting the world know: As if breaking up wasn’t hard enough, then you have to let family and friends know that it’s over to avoid the awkward questions like “how is or where is your bf/gf?” Calvin confirmed the end of his relationship with Taylor on Twitter and she retweeted him shortly after.

Taylor Swift

2. Anger: Jealously is bound to happen, especially when you see your old beau out having fun or even possibly moving on. Anger will probably come in the form of subliminal tweets or Instagram captions. Harris tweeted (and then deleted) “Oh boy, it’s about to go down” right before Taylor and Tom’s romance surfaced. 

Calvin Harris

3. Unfriending: Clearly the next stage in your anger phase is to start removing them from your life or in millennial terms, unfriend them on social media. This is a big step towards moving on but a smart move so you don’t end up cyberstalking. The Scottish DJ stopped following Swift on Twitter and even blocked some of her fans. 


4. Deleting all evidence: Now that they’re removed from your timeline, it’s time to remove the evidence from yours to make it official. This is where you delete any couple photos from your Instagram that will taunt you when you’re looking at your own account. Taylor and Calvin deleted all of their pictures together, seriously like even group pictures. #Drama RIP Swan.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

5. Stay off social media: When you feel like you won’t be able to control your subliminal and probably depressing/angry social media posts or just need to clear your mind, disappear from social media even if it’s just for 3 days like TSwift is currently doing.


6. Work on your projects: As Rihanna said, work work work work work. Success is the best revenge. Plus, it keeps your mind distracted from the heartbreak. Calvin is busy promoting his new track with Rihanna on Twitter acting as if nothing ever happened.

7. Download tinder: Because we’re not all celebrities like Taylor Swift with more than 81 million followers on Instagram and hot, famous boyfriends, the next step for us regular folks is to keep it moving on with other regular folks. Try out a dating app— Hey! You never know. 


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