VIDEO - Paulina Rubio had too much to drink at a party


VIDEO - Paulina Rubio had too much to drink at a party

The Mexican singer used foul language to reply to the guests, who called her a "drunk''

Paulina Rubio
Paulina Rubio got wasted at a private party she attended with her husband Nicolas Vallejo-Nagera at a bar in Spain. According to Mexican newspaper El Universal, the singer yelled into a microphone: "I am Paulina Vallejo de Najera and I don't give a d....'' Pau's comments annoyed the crowd and the guests started calling her a "drunk!''

The 36-year-old singer replied: "Yes, I am drunk, just like you, and you a@*&holes! Don't mess with me, just like you and you and you. I don't give a d...." Then she began to hum her song 'Dame otro tequila' (Give Me Another Tequila).

The inebriated 'Border Girl' kept on screaming things into the microphone, asking the crowd: "Do you want to go to sleep yet?...Well I am not going to sleep either.''

The video, aired on Televisa's news program Primero noticias, is already circulating the Internet and was probably shot with a cell phone camera.

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