VIDEO - Jessica Alba Supports Barack Obama


VIDEO - Jessica Alba Supports Barack Obama

The actress of Mexican descent and other Hispanic actors appear in a commercial favoring the Democratic candidate

Jessica Alba
Various Hispanic celebrities are speaking up about their choice for the next President of the United States: Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. In a new publicity campaign, Jessica Alba, Kate del Castillo, John Leguizamo, Andrés Levin and George López show their support for the Democratic candidate.

"I would like to see a cleaner Earth for my child that I'm bringing into the world," Alba expresses in the video. "I would like the rest of the world to think highly of our amazing country," she adds. Del Castillo also makes her voice heard in the commercial: "Basically, I just want the war to end," she says. Comedian George López adds in Spanish: "Obama is the change that represents hope."

Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton are competing for votes today in Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island, in those states' primaries. The candidate who earns the Democratic nomination will run in the presidential election this November.

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