Victoria Ruffo leaves Telemundo to show her dark side


Victoria Ruffo leaves Telemundo to show her dark side

The actress returns to Televisa Mexico to play the role of aunt Evangelina, a character that garnered Diana Bracho unforgettable fame in Cadenas De Amargura

- Lo bueno: La actuación de Victoria Ruffo, una actriz con tres décadas de carrera que jamás ha dado un paso en falso y que logró darle un toque distinto y muy respetable al personaje que Angélica Aragón había hecho con maestría. Mauricio Ochmann por su parte, logró una frescura muy creíble y así, la historia original de Bernardo Romero Pereiro tomó nuevos bríos.

- Lo malo: Al igual que en su versión anterior, Mirada de mujer (Azteca América), Telemundo se engolosinó con el éxito de la historia, y hacia el final de la telenovela hubo escenas alargadas que hicieron que, lo que hasta entonces era perfecto, se volviera aburrido.
Although her fans are used to seeing her as the good girl who suffers a tragic death, this time Victoria Ruffo turns her career around 180 degrees to play the role of a gruesome villain in En Nombre Del Amor, marking her return to Televisa México after spending less than a year working for Telemundo, where she gained stardom with the acclaimed Victoria.

Ruffo will portray none other than the famously detestable aunt Evangelina Vizcaíno, a character magnificently originated by Diana Bracho in Cadenas De Amargura (1991).

"I'm very nervous but really excited about the role, because I've been asking to play a villain for a long time, and I finally got it with this melodrama", said Ruffo, 46, to Televisa Espectáculos.

In the 90's version, Evangelina Vizcaíno is a tough-as-nails woman with a psychopathic streak who murders the two people who are closest to her worst enemy: her defenseless niece. With that kind of resume to live up to, will Ruffo be ready to show her claws?

"I think this will be a big risk for me, but I hope to enjoy it as an actress because I like shifting roles. And in this case, I want to have a lot of fun, because villains always have more fun than the leading ladies," said Ruffo.

The cast of En Nombre Del Amor includes Leticia Calderón (in the role originated by Delia Casanova) and Laura Flores, (playing Tina Romero's part).

The wife of the municipal president of Pachuca signed a contract with Telemundo to film the telenovela Amor De Madre which will air between this year and 2009 for 26 weeks, but no official word has been given about the outcome of that project now that Ruffo is returning to Televisa, which has been her telenovela home for more than 20 years.

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