Verónica and Cristian Castro's Story: On the Big Screen?


Verónica and Cristian Castro's Story: On the Big Screen?

The producer of Under the Same Moon is interested in putting the family drama in movie form

Verónica Castro
The drama between Verónica Castro and her son Cristian Castro – along with their recent reconciliation – could soon be in a theater near you. Mexican newspaper El Universal informs that Frederico Lapenda, director of Under the Same Moon, is interested in making a movie based on their story.

According to reports, in an interview with a U.S.-based magazine, 39-year-old Lapenda revealed that he had already discussed the possibility with the Mexican celebrities. "I'm interested in doing a Latin family story. I know the story I want, and I'm looking for someone to write the script, because I've already chatted with the stars I want to work with – Verónica and Cristian," the producer of Brazilian descent said.

The 33-year-old singer and the Mexican actress, 54, grew distant in 2004, after Cristian married Argentinean lawyer Valeria Liberman, who filed for divorce in February. A few weeks after separating from Liberman, Cristian and his mother reconciled their differences.

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