Valeria Mazza in trouble for not paying taxes


Valeria Mazza in trouble for not paying taxes

The Argentinean model and her husband owe nearly $2 million in taxes

Valeria Maza
Foto: Getty Images
Argentinean model Valeria Mazza and her husband Alejandro Gravier, are in the dog house for owing up to $2 million in taxes they allegedly never paid.

"The Federal Revenue Administration in Argentian (AFIP) issued an investigation on the couple, in which they are reviewing their accounts from 2002 through 2005."

According to sources, the model and her husband lied and justified various vacation trips, excursions, automobile purchases, and other luxuries as professional expenses. They also contracted six false workers to create the illussion of soliciting services from them.

Documents assert that "Mazza's lifestyle is incompatible with what she pays in taxes." Additionally, the documents allege that she keeps most of her cash assets in foreign countries like Italy, where she was a TV and event host.

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