Thalía presents her <em>Lunada</em> in New York


Thalía presents her Lunada in New York

The Mexican songstress talks about her new beach-inspired album; scolds a reporter; congratulates Paulina Rubio; and puts some rumors to rest.

La cantante también ofreció una conferencia de prensa en la Gran Manzana para promocionar Lunada. Durante este encuentro, Thalis fue tan simpática como de costumbre con sus amigos de la prensa.
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Flashing her signature smile the entire time, Thalía officially presented her new album presentó oficialmente su nuevo álbum, Lunada at a press conference in New York Tuesday night.

While talking about her album, the singer was quick to point out when something was irking her, and made sure to say it with plenty of subtlety, as was noted by a veteran journalist who wasn't paying attention to her while she was speaking, and also by a member of her team who didn't have the microphones ready for the press.

"At this moment, I'm in love with life, and with this disc, which projects happiness, and fun, and the kind of mindset that makes you wanna drink a piña colada on the beach during a sunset, " said the 36-year-old performer about her album, which is peppered with Latin beats, as well as reggae, calipso and Polynesian rhythms.

"I've seen many moons in my lifetime, and I'm always one to party like there's no tomorrow with my friends", explained the wife of Tommy Mottola.

The "A Quien le Importa" singer said that the concept for her new CD came to her when she was 8 months pregnant with her little Sabrina Sakaë, when all she wanted to do was put on a bikini, drink a margarita and go swimming at the beach. "I was obsessed with that, and because I couldn't do it, I started thinking of fresh ideas, something summery where my fans could feel the heat and the sand beneath their feet just by listening to the album," said Thalís.

Aside from her contagious excitement, critics have claimed that her new album cover was taken from an Australian band, but Thalía said that the inspiration came from many sources. "We all inspire others, and others inspire us too. Madonna was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and Mozart was inspired by Bach," she replied.

At the end of the conference, Thalía even sent Paulina Rubio best wishes for her birthday. She also said she has no plans to return to telenovelas because their schedules are too demanding, and reaffirmed that, contrary to rumors, she is having the best time of her life right now.

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