Thalía poses pregnant for her new book


Thalía poses pregnant for her new book

Along the same line as her previous book, Thalía:¡Belleza! (Thalía: Beauty!), the singer will launch her second book in April

A mediados del 2009, la polifacética estrella lanzó el libro Thalía: ¡Radiante!, una guía para mantenerse fabulosa y en forma durante el embarazo.
Foto: Chronicle Books
September 6, 2007, marked a special occasion for Thalía, as she debuted as an author with her book Thalía: ¡Belleza! (Thalía: Beauty!), a guide about makeup and happiness.

Following the same editorial line, on April 1, 2009, the 37-year-old singer will publish her second book for Chronicle Books, titled Thalía: ¡Radiante! (Thalía: Radiant!).

The book is a guide for pregnant women to stay in shape and look fabulous.

Thalía: ¡Radiante! Thalía: Radiant!) is co-authored by Andrew R. Kramer and will be published both in English and Spanish.

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