Thalía drops her label, and plans to record in English


Thalía drops her label, and plans to record in English

After 10 years with EMI Music, the Mexican singer says goodbye to the music labe and plans on recording her next album in English under her husband's label

Tras varios años de no grabar un disco, Thalía reapareció en el verano del 2008 con Lunada, un álbum muy movido.
After a 10-year relationship with EMI Music, Mexican singer Thalía fulfilled her contract with the company and is now ready to come back with her own material under Casablanca Records, owned by her husband, Tommy Mottola. The new album will include a duet with singer Robbie Williams.

With the recent release of her album Lunada, the 37-year-old singer ended her contract with EMI Music, who recognized that the album was not well promoted since it coincided with the months after her pregnancy when she contracted Lyme disease.

The "Amor a la mexicana" singer recorded 12 albums and sold nearly 20 million copies while under EMI music.

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