Still No Word from JLo on Pregnancy


Still No Word from JLo on Pregnancy

The singer was supposedly going to break the news at her concert on Sunday, but she's still keeping quiet

Fue justamente durante esta gira que iniciaron los rumores del embarazo de JLo, y fue esta foto la que parecía confirmas las especulaciones. Los rumores se hicieron cada vez más fuertes. El diseñador Roberto Cavali, quien confeccionó la ropa de la cantante para el tour, soltó la lengua y dijo que ésta esperaba gemelos. Finalmente, la pareja luego confirmó que esperaba la visita de la cigueña.
Audience members at the Jennifer López and Marc Anthony concert on Sunday at New York's Madison Square Garden were on pins and needles waiting for the couple to put an end to the rumors after the New York Post published last week that the Puerto Rican singer would possibly confirm her pregnancy during the show.

According to the paper, an unidentified source said that the also actress, 38, chose her hometown to "announce that she and Marc Anthony [39] are expecting their first child on Sunday night at their Madison Square Garden concert." had talked to the couple's PR representative, who told us: "I don't have any information about it. If they have something to announce, they'll wait for the right time. I don't know anything. [If they announce it], I'll be happy, because I want it to be for everyone." When the rumors first began, their reps denied the possible pregnancy.

Last week, posted a photo from the artist's concert in Connecticut that shows a baby bulge on the Bronx Diva. And according to a concertgoer's quote published in the Post, "A fan blew the side of her top all the way up for a moment, and a definitive baby bump was there. She was very quick to push down her top. Then she talked about how this year is full of firsts for her and every so often her top would fly up and you would see her belly."

But there's still hope: This singers have another show tonight at the New York venue. All we can do is wait and see if the pair really is expecting a new edition to their family.

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