Smells like David Bisbal


Smells like David Bisbal

The Spanish singer launched his new fragrance DB Black for Men and DB Rose for Women, exclusively sold in Spain

Being a music and TV star just isn't enough these days fro David Bisbal who's slowly creating his own marketing empire as he launches his first line of fragrances in Spains.

"They're very dynamic frangrances, full of energy and intensity, that seem to invoke more of my rebellious side," said the singer, 29, during the launch.

The "Ave María" singer presented DB Black for Men, and DB Rose for Women.

Although the fragrances are only sold in Spain, there is a possibility that they could be launched in the U.S. and Latin America, given their success. If it does end up working out, the singer would also like to launch other products such as lotions, shaving cream, soaps, and other beauty products.

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