Sandra Vidal has left Pablo Montero


Sandra Vidal has left Pablo Montero

Although the Argentinean actress hasn't denied or confirmed it, close sources say the she left him during his birthday celebration

It looks like things are getting worse for Pablo Montero. After battling an addiction to drugs which landed him in jail, now he faces a messy breakup. His partner, Sandra Vidal, has allegedly abandoned him, and is living with Hollywood director Brett Ratner's grandmother.

Televisa Espectáculos reported that while the 34-year-old actor was celebrating his birthday in Torreón, Mexico, his girlfriend left their home and went to fashion show for designer Mitzy in Los Angeles, CA.

Escándalo TV (Telefutura) reports that she has not confirmed or denied the seperation, but has said, "His son and I are his family, and wer are supporting him, as we have always done, through his rehab."

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