Sabine Moussier is the new <em>Aventurera</em>


Sabine Moussier is the new Aventurera

It's official. The 41-year-old actress will replace Edith González in the role of Elena Tejera in the famous Mexican musical

Carmen Salinas, Sabine Moussier
Foto: Joselyn De la Paz /
After weeks of rumors and speculation about who will be the next leading lady in the Mexican musical Aventurera, producer Carmen Salinas announced that the role will go to Sabine Moussier.

"It's a great role and wonderful cast. I feel like I'm ready for this, and plus, I really love to dance," said Edith González's new replacement. The Las tontas no van al cielo (Televisa) actress said she's not worried about being compared with past leading ladies, because she thinks she's got what it has to take on the challenge.

Moussier will starts rehearsals with the rest of the cast immediately, and is set to make her debut on August 29 in the Blanquita theater in Mexico City. Moussier signed a contract to finish off the 2008 season, with the possibility of renewing it thereafter.

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