Paulina Rubio's Legal Situation Cleared Up


Paulina Rubio's Legal Situation Cleared Up

The Mexican singer's record label said that she and her husband are living in the U.S. with no problems

Paulina Rubio
Rumors have been flying that Paulina Rubio and her husband, Spanish businessman Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera, were denied residency in the United States for supposedly failing drug tests. After nearly four weeks of speculation, the 36-year-old singer's record label finally sent out a press release explaining the situation.

According to Mexican newspaper El Universal, the press release said the following: "Contrary to what's being said, Paulina Rubio along with her husband, Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera, are continuing with their everyday lives in the United States and are able to enter and leave the country freely."

Reports inform that the artist's mother, actress Susana Dosamantes, also denied the rumors, assuring that her daughter remains in Miami without residency conflicts.

Rubio is still on her Amor, luz y sonido tour and is also working on a new project at a Miami studio.

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