Paulina Rubio: Pregnant?


Paulina Rubio: Pregnant?

Rumor has it that the Golden Girl is pregnant. She and her husband are enjoying a Mediterranean holiday.

Paulina Rubio
Nearly four months after their spectacular wedding in Mexico's Mayan Riviera, Paulina Rubio and her husband, entrepreneur Nicolás Colate Vallejo-Nágera are the subject of these rumors.

According to the Spanish media, the 35-year old singer might be expecting her first child. called the artist's publicist, Joe Bonilla, he wasn't aware of this information. "I know nothing about the pregnancy, I believe the rumors are not true, I would certainly know whether I was about to become an uncle... I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor," he added.

The publicist, however, confirmed that the couple are having a well-earned summer vacation.

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