O.J. Simpson Will Spend the Weekend in Jail


O.J. Simpson Will Spend the Weekend in Jail

The former football star was taken to a Las Vegas prison Friday night for violating his bail agreement

O.J. Simpson
O.J. Simpson won't be out partying it up this weekend in Sin City. Instead, he'll be spending some time in a Las Vegas jail after court authorities announced that his bail was revoked. The 60-year-old former football star allegedly violated his court-approved bail agreement in relation to an armed robbery incident, reports People.com.

Court documents allege that on Nov. 16, Simpson tried to get in contact with a co-defendant in his case, Clarence Stewart. "[Simpson] attempted to dissuade a [Stewart] from testifying and cooperating with law enforcement," the documents reveal.

This action violates his agreement with the Court. Last September, Simpson was incarcerated on 11 felonies, then set free after posting bail of $125,000. He then had to hand over his passport and agreed not to contact anyone involved with the case.

A court hearing to settle the matter is scheduled for Wednesday.

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