Miguel Galván Passes Away


Miguel Galván Passes Away

The Mexican comedian died of respiratory arrest; he was 50 years old

Miguel Galván
Foto: mezcalent.com
Comedian Miguel Galván passed away April 14 in Mexico City as a result of respiratory arrest. He checked into a hospital over a month ago because he was suffering from intense back pain. Galván, a diabetic, had been dealing with his deteriorating health for years.

The Mexican comedian, who was 50 when he died, came into the spotlight after doing a parody of a criminal in a television commercial. He later hit the stage in the plays Ni de aquí ni de allá and Se equivocó la cigüeña.

On the big screen, Galván had roles in films like Perdita Durango and Sexo, pudor y lágrimas. He made a name for himself as a comedian by participating in La hora pico, La parodia and El privilegio de mandar. He also joined the cast of several telenovelas, including Serafín, Mi destino eres tú, Vivan los niños, Contra viento y marea and La madrastra.

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