Miguel Córcega dies at 78


Miguel Córcega dies at 78

The telenovela actor/director died at 78 from a de telenovelas falleció a los 78 años from a stroke

Miguel Córcega
Foto: JPI Studios
Mexican actor and director Miguel Córcega died on Sunday in Mexico City from a stroke.

Daily newspaper Reforma, confirmed that the legendary artist, 78, who appeared in Cuidado con el ángel playing the role of padre Anselmo, had to give up the role due to illness. His part went to actor Héctor Gómez.

The director of soaps such as El privilegio de amar and Lazos de amor, and who also had a part in the telenovela Cadenas de amargura, started his vast career in his late 40's.

The funeral will be held in Mexico City this Tuesday in the Garden of Mexico pantheon.

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