Marisol Aguirre Says Abuse Was Emotional, Not Physical


Marisol Aguirre Says Abuse Was Emotional, Not Physical

The still wife of Christian Meier denied being physically abused and explained their situation on Peruvian TV

Christian Meier and Marisol Aguirre
Foto: Stephen Lovekin/WIRE IMAGE
After the Peruvian media claimed that physical abuse was the reason for Marisol Aguirre and Christian Meier's separation, she denied the assault rumors during an interview on the Peruvian show Magaly.

"I'm here as a mother of three children to clarify that all those headlines are false, Christian has never punched me or assaulted me, I've never said that," she said.

Aguirre, 36, explained that physical violence doesn't necessarily mean hitting someone: "It's not just to kick someone, but to break a door or to tear something away from someone; there are a thousand types of physical violence."

When the show's host asked Meier's wife if she had many injuries, Aguirre responded with, "Yes. The biggest injuries are done to the heart, and they aren't easily cured."

Zorro's wife confessed that her soul had many wounds, which is why she decided to end her marriage with Meier after15 years.

When asked if she still loved her 36-year-old husband, Aguirre said: "I love him a lot because he's my children's father, but our relationship has really deteriorated and there's no going back."

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