Lucía Méndez Sued by Ex-Husband


Lucía Méndez Sued by Ex-Husband

The actress's former spouse Arturo Jordán is accusing her of defamation

Lucía Méndez
Lucía Méndez can't get her ex-husband Arturo Jordán completely out of her life. The Cuban-American businessman is suing her for defamation, alleging that the actress made slanderous statements about him.

"I am suing because of something she said that is not true and could potentially jeopardize me personally...That's why I'm suing – to clear up these things," Jordán explained to the show La oreja (Televisa). "I'm not trying to hurt anyone. I'm reacting the way anyone would react when another person says something about you that's not true," he said.

Despite his differences with his ex, Jordán said that he's willing to negotiate an agreement outside of court. "I am open to a dialogue, which I'm sure will be interesting," he said. Méndez, 54, asked for a divorce from Jordán, 53, in March 2007, citing irreconcilable differences. They were married for two years.

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