Listen To Ricardo Arjona's New Single, "Quién"


Listen To Ricardo Arjona's New Single, "Quién"

Take a sneak peek at the first cut of his long-awaited album Quién dijo ayer, to be released on August 21

Singer/composer from Guatemala Ricardo Arjona, 42, is back after the successful launch of his award winning Adentro late in 2005.

On August 21 you'll be able to buy Quién dijo ayer, the new CD produced by Arjona and the Puerto Rican Tommy Torres.

"Quién" is his first single you can listen to here. The video of this single was already taped in Las Vegas, NV. It was directed by Simon Brand, who also filmed the clip of Arjona's hit, "Mojado".


"'Quién' is the world seen through the bars of the prison we build inside ourselves. It gives us the freedom of choosing any path, but opting for the loneliness of nostalgia. 'Quien' is the story of desperate people in a hurry, it's a flashback to the loneliness of love," explained the singer in a press release.

Audio: Courtest of SONY-BMG Music

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