Laura Zapata survived a car accident


Laura Zapata survived a car accident

Thalia's sister silenced the rumors that she had died in a car accident, assuring everyone that it was only a scare

Laura Zapata
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No sooner had Laura Zapata had a car accident when rumors started flying that she had died in the crash. However, in a recent interview aired on Mexican TV show La oreja (Televisa), the Mexican actress set the record straight, saying she's doing well and even though she thought at the time that she wouldn't live to tell the story, the accident was only a scare.

"I'm O.K.. They took the car and here I am. We must be really careful [on the road]]. I did think I could lose my life, but nothing happened," the 55-year-old actress said. Zapata crashed into a speed block wall while driving in a highway in Mexico City.

The press informed that Thalía's sister had lost control of her vehicle because the road was slippery due to the constant rain that had fallen on the Mexican capital since last week. "It wasn't anything serious, I'm alive. I was driving a car that had been in repairs for eight months, I got it out of the shop but it must have still had mechanical problems,'' she explained.

Even though it wasn't a serious accident, it was reported that Zapata had suffered some unidentified injuries.

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