Juanes Takes Over Top Two Spots on Billboard Chart


Juanes Takes Over Top Two Spots on Billboard Chart

The Colombian singer's songs "Gotas de agua dulce" and "Me enamora" rule the "Hot Latin Tracks" list

We were all wondering what artist would finally knock the Juanes song "Me enamora" out of the number-one spot on Billboard's "Hot Latin Tracks" list, where it was holding strong for the last 20 weeks. But the Colombian singer has finally been dethroned...by himself! The artist's single "Gotas de agua dulce" has reached the top of the chart, which means Juanes songs now occupy the top two positions.

"It had to be a Juanes song that would end the reign of 'Me enamora' which maintained the number-one spot for 20 weeks. Now the honor goes to his latest success 'Gotas de agua dulce,' the second single from La vida es un ratico, the album holding top spots all over the world," the singer's record label pointed out.

Energized by the success of his new album, the 35-year-old artist is gearing up for his next tour called "La vida," which kicks off March 6 at New York's Madison Square Garden.

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