Gael García Bernal can also sing!


Gael García Bernal can also sing!

The actor will sing "Quiero que me quieras" for the film Rudo y Cursi, in which he co-stars with Diego Luna

Gael García Bernal
Foto: Getty Images
He's been a child actor in telenovelas, he's played Che and a transvestite on film, and now the Mexican actor will sing too. Is there anything Gael García Bernal won't try? The 29-year-old actor has just finished recording the first song that will appear in his upcoming film Rudo y Cursi (Rude and Course) which also features other bands including Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Banda el Recodo and Sonora Dinamita.

The El crimen del padre Amaro star doesn't necessarily want to be a singer, but he loved the idea of singing "Quiero que me quieras" as his course character Tato. This film premieres on October 19 but those who want to buy the music will have to wait until November 18, when the soundtrack will be sold in music stores.

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