Gabriela Bo confesses to abused by Cristian Castro


Gabriela Bo confesses to abused by Cristian Castro

The singer's ex-wife broke her silence after nearly five years and revealed that she was also a victim of domestic violence

Cristian Castro, Gabriela Bo
Foto: The Grosby Group
Cristian Castro's own personal soap drama never seems to end. In the midst of his controversial divorce with estranged wife Valeria Liberman, the Argentinean website has reported that his ex-wife, Gabriela Bo, recently revealed that she's been a victim of Castor's aggression more than once.

According to Bo, 28, he pushed and slapped her, but the abuse wasn't only limited to physical violence, but also psychological as well. The Paraguayan native claims that if her ex-husband came home and didn't like what had been made for dinner, he would stomp angrily out of the house and wouldn't return for three days.

Bo's allegations have surfaced at an unfortunate time for the Mexican singer, who is trying to settle an agreement with Liberman over custody of their children.

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