Gabriel Soto to sue company for back payments


Gabriel Soto to sue company for back payments

After the laser hair removal company Neoskin, has folded, the actor plans on taking legal action to recover payments that were promised to him in his contract

Géraldine Bazán, Gabriel Soto
Foto: Agencia México
Despite the fact that actor Gabriel Soto looked happy next to his girlfriend Géraldine Bazán during an event held by the laser hair removal spa Neoskin, for which he is the face of the company's ads, the actor has announced he's taking legal action against the company for payments that they owe him.

Since Neoskin has shut down many of its spas, the Querida enemiga star, 33, is not only expecting money that was promised to him in his contract but may also sue for damages, asserting that the company's inability to service already pre-paid treatments paid by clients ruins his public image.

"I'm as surprised as everyone else about the news. I'm their model and employee, and I didn't even know. I've had many problems with them this year about payments owed to me," said the actor to El Universal.

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