Gabriel Soto gets into a motorcycle accident


Gabriel Soto gets into a motorcycle accident

The Mexican actor fell off his motorcycle during a competition in Pachuca, México

Geraldine Bazán, Gabriel Soto
Foto: Agencia México
Aside from his girlfriend, one of the things Gabriel Soto loves most in life is his motorcycle. But he didn't have much luck with the latter recently when he fell off his bike during a competition. Fortunately, the actor did not suffer any major injuries.

Mexican TV program La oreja (Televisa), reported that the Querida enemiga actor, 33, fell on a racing course in Pachuca, México, where he was thrown off his bike and suffered from minor bruises from the fall.

His girlfriend, Geraldine Bazán, who is pregnant with Soto's child, witnessed the accident, but when she saw it was not serious, she maintained her cool until the end of the competition, when she was assured everything was fine.

Despite falling during the competition, Soso still finished the race, coming in 5th.

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