Eduardo Santamarina Determined to Get Back With Ex


Eduardo Santamarina Determined to Get Back With Ex

The Mexican actor blamed himself for the split with Susana González

Eduardo Santamarina and Susana González
Foto: reforma vía newscom
Eduardo Santamarina isn't ready to call it quits with Susana González, who recently announced to the press that she and her boyfriend of four years were splitting up because of differences in life goals.

During an interview on the show La oreja (Televisa), Santamarina admitted to being very in love with the actress, 34, and blamed himself for their breakup. The actor also said he's set on getting back together with González, and that he has a 99.9 percent change of making it happen.

"It's been – as Susy and I have said – a very difficult relationship, very difficult," Santamarina, 38, explained. "Obviously, if we've been together for four years, there's a reason, and like in every relationship, sometimes you get in fights and have ups and downs."

Despite his eagerness to get back with González, Santamarina denied rumors that the two were planning a wedding, adding that if they ever set a date, they'll be sure to let the press know.

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