Edith González Jealous of RBD


Edith González Jealous of RBD

The Mexican actress says the press pays too much attention to the pop group and not enough to her

Edith González
Edith González is starting to feel left out. The Mexican actress, 41, claims the press has given her successful play Aventurera the cold shoulder, and pays too much attention to the band RBD.

"Everything RBD does is reported too much," González said on La oreja (Televisa). The telenovela star also pointed out that reporters are only interested in Aventurera when a star leaves the show, and they want to know who the replacement will be.

"You go on and on about [RBD] and not about us, and [that]'s bad," González told the Mexican press, after assuring that she doesn't have anything against the members of the group.

González has starred in Aventurera since 1998. She's leaving the play at the end of the year and heading to Romania, where she's received job offers.

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