Daniela Spanic Shows Off Ultrasound Pics


Daniela Spanic Shows Off Ultrasound Pics

The actress sent Peopleenespanol.com images of the baby girl she's carrying, Katalina Nahum Spanic, in a thank you card

Daniela Spanic & Ademar Nahum
Foto: Cortesía de Daniela Spanic
After suffering a brain hemorrhage in Mexico City, Venezuelan actress and model Daniela Spanic, 33, has now completely recovered is happily awaiting the arrival of her daughter, Katalina Nahum Spanic.

The twin sister of Gabriela Spanic sent People en espanol.com a thank you card that included ultrasound pictures of her unborn baby. She and her husband, businessman Ademar Nahum, are grateful for the actress' good health and are excited for the birth of their first daughter.

On behalf of her parents, Katalina thanks everyone who prayed for her life and for her mother's life during the difficult time.

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