Daddy Yankee presents political debate in Puerto Rico


Daddy Yankee presents political debate in Puerto Rico

The reggaetonero made his second appearance as the moderator for the governor debates in Puerto Rico

Daddy Yankee
Foto: The Grosby Group
Despite some doubts that critics had about Univisión Puerto Rico choosing Daddy Yankee as a moderator for the debates between the candidates for the island, the singer prevailed, proving he's not only a great singer and actor, but also has talent when it comes to politics.

La oreja reported that "Daddy was a good moderator, once again," during the second debate, where the actual governor of Puerto Rico, Aníbal Acevedo Vilá and the other candidates, Luis Fortuño, Edwin Irizarry Mora and Rogelio Figueroa, answered the questions of various young adults that were presented by the 31-year-old singer during the event Vota o quédate calla'o (Vote or Shut Up).

"Ramón Ayala, who often goes by the name Daddy Yankee, showed a great deal of tact and experience when moderating the candidates," said Univision.

"I have to speak from the heart. I ask God for the wisdom to pick the most qualified candidate for my generation, who will address the problem of drugs in poor neighborhoods," said the reggaetonero at the end of the debates.

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